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Welcome to EconJobMarket Asia

This website contains information about jobs for economics phds available in Asia, using information from EconJobMarket.

Econjobmarket is a non-profit organization designed to centralize the processing of application materials in the market for phd economists. By advertising your job opening on econjobmarket, you allow applicants to submit all their application materials at a single location, while econjobmarket takes care of the job of distributing these materials, directing reference letters, scheduling interviews. In addition, ads placed on Econjobmarket are widely distributed on our various partner sites, including the Econometric Society, the website of the Canadian Economics Association, the European Economic Association, and the CEPR policy portal, Voxeu.org.

Applicants can make use of advanced job search functionality at my.econjobmarket.org, which includes automated interview scheduling for a variety of job market meetings.

Recruiters can access advanced tools for downloading their job market data from the Econjobmarket Backend website. These services are useful for integrating job market information with your local application processing software. This site can also be used by developers who want to create software designed for the economics job market.

The use of Econjobmarket as the primary job market portal for economics phd's is fully endoresed by the Econometric Society, the Canadian Economic Association, and the European Economic Association.

Recent Postings in Asia