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Job Market Sessions @ Hong Kong, Dec 12-13, 2016

EconJobMarket, in conjunction with its partner Hong Kong Economics Association (HKEA) will host poster sessions for economics job candidates in the 9th Biennial Conference of HKEA. It will be held from December 12-13, 2016 on the campus of Hong Kong University.

The EconJobMarket organised sessions are exclusive for candidates with intention of searching for jobs in economics and finance in this hiring season. This conference meeting will provide a good opportunity for candidates to meet with academics, researchers, policy makers, and practitioners, and thus good exposure to the society.

For candidates to participate in the conference, you should register through our website to confirm your attendance. Your profile will then be appear on the list of conference participants, and also accessible to any recruiters with an account with us. Therefore, your profile will be widely distributed at our platform.

In the online registration, you will be given an option to submit your job market paper for poster sessions. If you are interested, please finish the online registration on or before November 20, 2016. You will be notified via email, once your paper is selected for the session.

For recruiters in Asia, you are strongly encouraged to take the opportunity of this conference to interview the applicants, especially the ones on poster sessions. EconJobMarket Asia would provide facility support for your interviews in demand.

For more details on the conference, please visit the conference website at Hong Kong Economics Association (HKEA) .

Call For Papers

We only require abstract for consideration of poster sessions. However, it will help us organise your session better, if you can provide more information regarding yourself in your profile, like your graduating institution, supervisor(s), field(s) of study etc.

Please send correspondence to EJMAsia@econ.hku.hk for any enquires about the poster sessions.

Important Dates

November 15, conference registration / confirmation of attendance.

November 20, submission for poster presentation.

December 12, the conference starts

We wish all applicants a successful recruiting season.

Contact Us

For any enquires concerning the job market meeting, please contact us at EJMAsia@econ.hku.hk