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EconJobMarket Asia works closely with our local, regional and global partners.

  • Econ Job Market Inc.

    EJM is a nonprofit organization that facilitates the flow of information in the economics job market by providing a secure central repository for the files of job-market candidates accessed on-line.

  • Econometric Society Asia

    ES is an international society for the advancement of economic theory in its relation to statistics and mathematics.

  • Economic Society of Singapore

    The Economic Society of Singapore (ESS) is a non-profit organisation, bringing together members from the academia, government and business sector to discuss current economic issues relating to Singapore and the region.

  • University of Hong Kong

    FBE (The Faculty of Business and Economics) takes an entrepreneurial approach to meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing economic and business environment by drawing together the strengths of the two schools.

  • Hong Kong Economic Association

    The Hong Kong Economic Association is intended to be a channel through which economists, business executives, government officials, as well as others interested in the working of the economy come together and share views and insights on economic issues of common concern and thus extend the frontiers of economic knowledge.